The elephant smells exhibit in Artis, the Amsterdam zoo.

Perfume your brand

We can design a unique perfume or we can create perfume bottles with your logo on it. Containing one of our perfumes. 


We did so as a gift for the guests of the talkshow 'Daphne op Dinsdag'. A talkshow by Daphne Bunskoek.


We also made perfume bottles for Rosalinde Mode.


For inquiries about this option please contact us 



Scent Exhibition

The Snifferoo can deliver smells and technique for smell exhibition.


 Elephant smells

 ARTIS, the Amsterdam zoo, comitted the design of three smells for their Elephant Trail, the educational exhibits surrounding the new elephant enclosure. Elephants have phenomenally good sense of smell and also use scent in their sexual communication.


On exhibit are the scents of the fertile female, the rutting male and the young male elephant. 

The scents approximate the real natural scents and are a translation of the smells as if smelled by an elephant. 


Together with Anne van Leeuwen (Artis educational department) and landscape architect Maarten van Kersteren, who designed te trunk shaped tubes we created this amazing installation.

We thank Astrid Groot and Peter Roessingh from the University of Amsterdam for their role as advisers.



Personal Perfumes

Ever dreamed of perfume designed specially for you. Fitting your expectations of what a perfume should smell like. That is an option at The Snifferoo. Please contact us for more information on prices and possibilities.


Below, perfumes made for dutch television host   Daphne Bunskoek

Themed Workshops

We do workshops for schools, companies and groups that are interested in a specific theme. For instance we gave a workshop on the topic of recycling and dirty smells for a school in Amsterdam. 


Frank delivers workshops a part of the Airbnb experience network. He does workshops at Mediamatic, he can be booked for lectures on different smell related themes and he is a guest teacher at te Saxion University in Deventer.


And he recently showed up in the children's television show De Tafel van K3.