The Snifferoo is based in Amsterdam and in Utrecht.


The lab is based in Lou Oudenoord:

Oudenoord 330

3513EX Utrecht 


The workshop space and office is based Lola Luid:

Derkinderenstraat 44

1062BJ Amsterdam


If you want to pay a visit, please call +31644718080


The Snifferoo is a personal approach on perfume by perfumer Frank Bloem.

'People should use perfume for themselves. Perfumes help to find the right mood for the situation you are in. That can be going out, waking up or even going to sleep.' 


Perfumes by The Snifferoo are the result of a search for a certain combination of smells. They reflect an exploration in an invisible world, the world of essences. The perfumes are not polished, you can still smell the ingredients they are made of. The perfumes evolve in time while wearing and they interact with the smell of your own skin




tel: +31 644718080




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