The elephant smells exhibit in Artis, the Amsterdam zoo.
The elephant smells exhibit in Artis, the Amsterdam zoo.

handmade perfumes and other smells



workshops: Create Your Own Perfume, at the Amsterdam based studio of The Snifferoo.

book here individually or mail when you want to book as a group.


14 December, Introduction to smell.

Workshop at Mediamatic 


11 October, Odorama scent & movement

Mediamatic Amsterdam. Curator Caro Verbeek, presentation Frank Bloem


12 September 2018, Odorama music edition, Mediamatic Amsterdam. Co-curator and presentation: Frank Bloem


12 August 2018, closing party Panorama der Zintuigen. 15.00-17.00h. Koningstraat 45 Den Helder.


27 June 2018, opening of the exhibition Panorama der Zintuigen, Koningstraat 45, Den Helder. Curating and participating artist. 

Exhibition is open from Thursday till Sunday 13.00-17.00 up till the 12th of August.


 24 May 2018, ODORAMA stench edition, Mediamatic. Presentation: Frank Bloem



Together with Mediamatic and curator Caro Verbeek, Frank Bloem co-curates and moderates evenings about scent, science and art under the name of Odorama. Currently we will organise some scent related trips. More information on the Mediamatic website.



eau de parfum WHEELCHAIR 

Being close to the ground you smell the shivering freshness of mashed grass, combined with earthy tones and hay. Afterwards a leathery scent comes through, accompanied by an undertone of steel and violets.

A scent for the the person that needs to stay firm on the ground and keep an organized head although the inner emotions might be close to collapsing.


Notes are: grass, hay, lavender, leather, vanille


The Snifferoo Workshop is a workshop on the essence of perfume. Get acquainted with a collection of essential oils and synthetic fragrances by The Snifferoo. You and your group will learn about the history of perfume, methods of extraction, and synthetic fragrances. And you create your own scent. 

Each of the participants will go home with a 10 ml bottle of homemade perfume.


Click here for more information.


Groups can apply at:

The Snifferoo

The Snifferoo is a personal approach on perfume and smells by perfumer Frank Bloem. 


Perfumes by The Snifferoo are the result of a search for a certain combination of smells. They reflect an exploration in an invisible world, the world of essences. The perfumes are not polished, you can still smell the ingredients they are made of. They evolve in time while wearing and they interact with the smell of your own skin. 


Besides perfumes, The Snifferoo is also known for the creation of various smells for exhibition purposes.


Frank can be booked to speak about different topics surrounding smells, he gives workshops and is a guest teacher at Saxion hogeschool in Deventer.



Elephant smells


ARTIS, the Amsterdam zoo, comitted the design of three smells for their Elephant Trail, the educational exhibits surrounding the new elephant enclosure. Elephants have phenomenally good sense of smell and also use scent in their sexual communication.


On exhibit are the scents of the fertile female, the rutting male and the young male elephant. 

The scents approximate the real natural scents and are a translation of the smells as if smelled by an elephant. 


Together with Anne van Leeuwen (Artis educational department) and landscape architect Maarten van Kersteren, who designed te trunk shaped tubes we created this amazing installation.

We thank Astrid Groot and Peter Roessingh from the University of Amsterdam for their role as advisers.



eau de parfum PUMPJACK

A fierce opening with a breeze of gasoline, lemon and cedar-wood is accompanied by the sweet oily smell of roses and wraps up with the filthy but exciting undertones of musk and tar. 

A perfume for daring romantics who go crazy over the smell of gasoline and as well dream away with moroccan rose by the constantly rotating rhythm of the tireless PUMPJACK.  


Notes are: rose, musk, tar, cedar-wood, vetiver

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