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eau de parfum MANATEE (available from 22 th. of May 2017)

Imagine being a sailor,  wandering around the world seas on your wooden ship. Washing ashore in a far and wild country. More dead than alive. Longing for fresh water. And than, a splash. You hope for a mermaid, you think you see one, but another creature welcomes you. It is the MANATEE!!!


Notes are: Jasmin, Watermelon, Clairy Sage, Oud


eau de parfum WHEELCHAIR (available from 27/11/16)

Being close to the ground you smell the shivering freshness of mashed grass, combined with earthy tones and hay. Afterwards a leathery scent comes through, accompanied by an undertone of steel and violets.

A scent for the the person that needs to stay firm on the ground and keep an organized head although the inner emotions might be close to collapsing.


Notes are: Grass, Hay, Lavender, Leather, Vanille




The perfumes of The Snifferoo are largely produced with natural ingredients. Where animal substances should be used, synthetic materials are being used.

We make use of natural substances mostly, therefore the scent intensity is strong. One spray wil last the whole day.


Our perfumes are not tested on animals. 


The Snifferoo Workshop

The Snifferoo Workshop is a workshop on the essence of perfume. You become acquainted with a collection of essential oils and synthetic fragrances by The Snifferoo. You and your group will learn about the history of perfume, methods of extraction, and synthetic fragrances. And you create your own scent. 

Each of the participants will go home with a 10 ml bottle of homemade perfume.


Click here for more information.

Groups can apply at:

The Snifferoo

The Snifferoo is a personal approach on perfume by perfumer Frank Bloem.

'People should use perfume for themselves. Perfumes help to find the right mood for the situation you are in. That can be going out, waking up or even going to sleep.' 


Perfumes by The Snifferoo are not the infallible result of a brilliant nose, they are the result of a search for a certain combination of smells. They reflect an exploration in an invisible world, the world of essences. The perfumes are not polished, you can still smell the ingredients they are made of. They evolve in time while wearing and they interact with the smell of your own skin


eau de parfum PARAKEET

A green exotic species with a red beak. Hanging around in parks, travelling through the air, using burrows of others and loving nuts. An exotic appearance that does well in the gray Dutch delta.  The perfume Parakeet is fresh, spicy and pleasantly unknown.  

Quite something for strange birds! 


Notes are: Grapefruit, Labdanum,  Lavender, Patchouli and Incense

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The Snifferoo is located at Piet Mondriaanstraat 140,  Amsterdam. We are part of popup-mall Lola Luid!